Realtime Identity Proofing For Everyone.

At SimpleID we are building a complete solution for realtime identity proofing. Our network provides the power of industry-leading 3rd party insights like synthetic identity and fraud checks, to device risk scoring and watchlist screening combined with our 1st party data providing biometric and ongoing identity monitoring to provide near instant verification of users and transactions in realtime. 

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Identity verification gets to be simple for everyone

As you might be able to tell, we like to make things simple. An identity and verification system that can fit into any flow and be used by everyone was our goal from the start. Let us help you make identity and verification just plain simple.

Simple ID SimpleID Native Performance
Native Performance

Fast: The performance of our network is almost instant. < 500ms.

Simple Id SimpleID Security

Secure: Using the leading blockchain technologies and security protocols we ensure the data integrity.

SimpleID Simple id privacy

Private:  We don't store any us PII, creating the most secure and private identity network.

Simple ID SimpleID API Enterprise API identity services
Enterprise API's

Simple: Integrate all your systems and native apps using our enterprise API’s.

Your privacy and 
security prayers 
have been 

SimpleID creates real-time user verification and maintains privacy while keeping non-identifiable records of each transaction on blockchain ledgers for neutral security that never lets user data fall in the wrong hands.

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Simple ID SimpleID Transaction Identity Services identity notification Simple ID SimpleID Transaction Identity Verified TransactionsSimple ID SimpleID Transaction Identity Services identity notification
Simple ID SimpleID Transaction Identity Services identity notification Verified transaction

For issuing banks, card networks and acquiring banks

Technology has brought many good advancements in banking. But having to choose between compliance and keeping your customers data safe shouldn't be one of them. Current systems are failing to keep banks covered and customers data safe. 

Show your customers you take their privacy seriously by integrating SimpleID. The benefit to you: Quit worrying about fraud and false declines.

Truly Transparent
Reduce / Remove Fraud
Instant SID Checks

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Join our Pilot program and be part of the solution.

SimpleID is currently accepting partners to join our Beta program. By integrating our with our network you are ensuring that this is the last solution you'll ever need. Beta program participants enjoy some pretty great perks too. Sign up to find our more.

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