Claim your identity and your future.

Our mission is simple: To secure the identity of all 7.5 Billion people on the planet, to eliminating fraud and to allow users to control their own data.

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Identity services get to be simple for users & businesses

When you use SimpleID the process for validating identity and controlling privacy becomes... Simple.

Simple ID SimpleID Native Performance
Native Performance

Fast: The performance our network is almost instant regardless of where you integrate it.

Simple Id SimpleID Security

Secure: Using the leading blockchain technologies and security protocols we ensure the integrity of the data.

SimpleID Simple id privacy

Private:  We verify users and don't store any user information, creating the most secure identity network.

Simple ID SimpleID API Enterprise API identity services
Enterprise API's

Simple: Integrate the API and all  tools into your native apps using our enterprise API's

The SimpleID network
can manage every person on the earth.

Our system is built for scale. We're working to create records for everyone on the planet. All you have to do is claim your SimpleID and be protected. If you're a service provider, connect to our network and watch fraud and false identification disappear.

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Simple ID SimpleID Transaction Identity Services identity notification Simple ID SimpleID Transaction Identity Verified TransactionsSimple ID SimpleID Transaction Identity Services identity notification
Simple ID SimpleID Transaction Identity Services identity notification Verified transaction

For issuing banks, card networks and acquiring banks

Show your customers you take their privacy seriously by integrating SimpleID. The benefit to you: Quit worrying about fraud and false positives.

Truly Transparent
Reduce / Remove Fraud
Instant SID Checks

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Join our Beta program and be part of the solution.

SimpleID is currently accepting partners to join our Beta program. By integrating our with our network you are ensuring that this is the last solution you'll ever need. Beta program participants enjoy some pretty great perks too. Sign up to find our more.

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