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It's even in our name. We promise to make the process of verified identity as simple as possible while providing the highest level of security and privacy.

Simple ID SimpleID Simple transaction verification
Simple ID SimpleID Native Performance

Native Performance

The performance of our network is almost instant. < 500ms.

Simple ID SimpleID Secure Identity Management
Simple Id SimpleID Security


Using the leading blockchain technologies and security protocols we ensure the data integrity.

Simple ID SimpleID Identity Services identity notification API API's
SimpleID Simple id privacy

Beautiful APIs

Integrate all your systems and native apps using our enterprise API’s.

Simple id SimpleID fast customer integrations. Easy Enterprise Integrations
Simple ID SimpleID API Enterprise API identity services

Better UX

Clean user experience via our SDK’s any roadblocks. Remove steps in the process while providing better verification.

SimpleID Simple id eliminate fraud and false positives and increase your profit
Simple ID SimpleID Increase profitability

Increase Your profit

Beyond reducing chargebacks, SimpleID eliminates false declines and puts an end to frustrated customers and missed sales.

Simple id SimpleID True Transparent privacy. we don't store any of your data or personal information.
Simple id SimpleID Privacy transparency

Transparent Privacy

We don't store any us PII, creating the most secure and private identity network. Get an complete audit trail of all transactions and clear traceability on purchases and fraud

How It Works

Simple id SimpleID Claim your Simple ID digital identity

Contact us to set up your account.

We'll get you set up with your account and our support team will walk you through the API setup.

Simple ID SimpleID API Enterprise API identity services

Connect any product you wish to have realtime identity proofing enabled.

Yes, you can use it for anything you wish. Transaction Verification? Login? Delegated Authenditcatoi ? Check, Check, & Check.

Simple id SimpleID user verification identity verification

Request an SID.
Get an instant reply.

Wether it's for transaction or identification, our SimpleID network will immediately resolve your request.

SimpleID For Everyone

 Simple Pricing

Issuing banks, acquiring banks and card Issuers can Integrate our API's for free also. We only charge a fraction of a penny on each transaction to ensure you eliminate the cost of fraud.

Transactions / SID Check
Per Transaction

Instantly verify that a user is human and has validated their ID recently. Perfect for small transactions.

Instant SID Validation
Multi-Authority KYC Verification
Real-Time Threat Identification
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Combined Check
Per SID Check

Instantly validate transactions with two-factor user authentication. Returns confirmation and the user’s SID Score: 1-100. Perfect for large or complex transactions.

Instant SID Validation
Multi-Authority KYC Verification
Real-Time Threat Identification
SimpleID Score Results
Authority Level
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know it seems too simple and too good to be true, so go ahead and ask all the questions you want.

How does SimpleID secure my identity? 
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SimpleID uses two revolutionary technologies to make sure your data is safe, private, and controlled by you: Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity. Blockchain creates a neutral network where the validation of your identity can safely live. Self-Sovereign Identity allows you to control that identity, so no third party can pretend that they’re you.

The process is simple. To claim your SimpleID, you answer a few identifying questions like your birthday and where you’ve recently lived. The system uses existing authorities like the department of motor vehicles to validated your identity. None of your private information is ever stored on the network.

Now, instead of signing a piece of paper, or putting in a pin code, your card network just checks to verify that it was YOU who recently used the card. You simply answer “yes” or “no” on the Smart Phone you already have in your pocket. It saves you time and the frustration of having transactions denied or your card turned off accidentally.

Does SimpleID store any of my personal information?
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Nope. Nuh-uh. 0%. Nada. SimpleID is built from the ground up to keep your private information … private. The network simply uses external sources to validate that the information is true. 

We believe that you get to control your identity. We also believe that reckless financial institutions and merchants have put us all at risk by storing personal information that doesn’t belong to them. 

YOU get to own your identity in a way that’s private, safe, and neutral. That’s our promise to you.

What is the SimpleID score?
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SimpleID Score is like a credit score, for identity. On a scale of 1-100, how sure is the system that you are you. You can raise your SimpleID Score by answering additional questions that prove you’re you and adding information like a drivers license photo. 

And just like a credit score, the higher your SimpleID Score, the more services you’ll unlock. Some merchants may even require a high SimpleID score to purchase large ticket items like a new car, or a diamond. 

Because the system never stores your information, you can also feel safe knowing that your data is safe, no matter how high your simpleID score is.

What is the blockchain, and how does simple ID use it? 
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The blockchain is a neutral network of computers that create a ledger. Originally a term that referred to the chain of Bitcoin transaction blocks (blockchain) that identified where all of the bitcoins are, blockchain technology has grown to represent decentralized financial systems, medical systems, even voting systems. 

SimpleID uses the blockchain to create a neutral, safe space for identities to live. Unlike the identity systems created by Google, or Facebook, you get to own and control your SimpleID. This is made possible by blockchain technology and the identity ledger built on it.

Who should use SimpleID?
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SimpleID is built for all humans. We deeply believe that everyone has the right to own and control their identity. 

No robots need apply.

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