We use technology for good

Along the way we also solve a few problems that have risen to new heights. Our products and company are designed to bring good. We've taken the mantra to the next level:
Our products Can't be evil.

Simple ID SimpleID is Simple
Identity for everyone
Yes, we mean all 7.5 billon of us
Your identity is...
When you control your identity
No one else can

About SimpleID

Founded by technologists, futurists, and transaction experts. You won't find any fanboys here. We're experienced veterans of startups and fortune 500 companies alike with enough experience to know how to take ideas and form reality.

“When all 7.5 Billion People on the Planet all control their own digital identity then we will create a tidal wave of abundance like never before seen in human history… ” - Peter Kirby, Founder. 
Simple id SimpleID true privacySimple id SimpleID true privacy

We Use Technology For Good

Remember the Google line: “Don’t Be Evil.” Well, there’s been a lot of mischief in the world of technology and it’s caused some serious problems. So we’ve built a platform that “Can’t Be Evil…”

That means building an identity network that’s truly neutral. Not owned or controlled by anyone. All 7.5 Billion people on the planet get to own and control their identity. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s a human right. 

  • Digital Identity is a Human Right. 
  • Private Information Gets to Stay Private
  • Users will Forever Control Their Identity
  • The Network Gets to be Neutral and Safe
  • Always Make it Simple

Along the way, we’re confident that we can put a huge dent in identity theft, credit card fraud, and a bunch of other nasty, expensive problems. Effortlessly effective, wildly abundant - that sounds like fun to us!

Join our Pilot program and be part of the solution.

SimpleID is currently accepting partners to join our Beta program. By integrating our with our network you are ensuring that this is the last solution you'll ever need. Beta program participants enjoy some pretty great perks too. Sign up to find our more.

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