There’s no CEO of Bitcoin, and that makes all the difference for identity.

March 24, 2021
There’s no CEO of Bitcoin, and that makes all the difference for identity.

Satoshi Nakamoto had a big vision of a global peer-to-peer digital currency. His vision lives on in Bitcoin. 

Satoshi’s greatest gift to the world was his magic disappearing act. Other grand technologists of the 21st century like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, made it a point to be center-stage of their innovations. The world we live in with a smart phone in every pocket is a world that Steve Jobs envisioned. A world where our species drives in beautiful electronic cars and travels to Mars is deeply linked to Elon’s vision… the ultimate perk of being a visionary technologist is NO ONE forgets your name.

But Satoshi took a very different approach. His innovations, Bitcoin, the blockchain, and the cryptocurrency ecosystem that is still evolving are not synonymous with a person. Satoshi may be a man, or a woman or a collective, but the innovations belong to us. Bitcoin has no CEO, Bitcoin has no government running it, Bitcoin has no definitive governing body. And therefore, like the internet (which also has no CEO), it is truly neutral. 

So what and who cares?

In the next decade, 5+ billion people will be using blockchain technology. Most of them won’t know it. The two major sources of innovation will be around digital money and digital identity. Bitcoin proved a model for digital money that allowed a network of peers to maintain the ledger (where all of the bitcoins live) AND get paid in Bitcoin to do that. The great innovation is that the SOFTWARE (the Bitcoin protocol) pays the HARDWARE (the miners that create the backbone). There’s no asshole in the middle writing checks to keep the network running. It’s neutral by design. It’s also a currency run by math - with 21 million total Bitcoins ever existing hard-coded into the protocol. No one gets to arbitrarily decide when to print more.

The model works. Bitcoin’s market capitalization (the total value of all of the bitcoins) continues to rise and more people hold Bitcoin than last year. Digital currency works. 

Now, the next giant leap forward will be in digital identity. Through new tools like Self Sovereign Identity and Verified Credentials, we’re moving toward a world where 7.5+ Billion people can own and control their own identity. The real question… can it ALSO be neutral?

Simple.ID and the quest for neutral identity. 

We deeply believe that the answer GETS to be YES. We have a vision for all 7.5 Billion people owning and controlling their own identity on a neutral network like the bitcoin blockchain. We believe that through innovative technology and deep principles we can create tremendous abundance for all with this network. And hopefully by the time it’s done… you won’t ever know our names.


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